Build Strength in the Off-Season

Help your child build strength & confidence for their sport this fall! Navigate the gym like a boss and build the strength and confidence needed to win at their sport.

Studies show that in just 8 weeks, teens can gain 30 – 50 % in strength capacity by participating in a structured program by a Certified Personal Trainer.

Not only will they gain strength, learn how to fuel their body with the correct foods, but also:


  • Improve motor skill coordination & body mechanics – skills for a lifetime!
  • Reduce the risk of injury that is primarily attributed to the misuse of equipment, inappropriate weight, and improper technique
  • Improve physical self-perception & confidence

What we do…

Full Assessment

We begin our sessions with a comprehensive assessment of physical fitness. Kind of like a test, but one that your child can’t fail! The assessment will allow us to guide their program.

Physical performance can be improved without causing emotional harm and we work hard to improve confidence!

The key, no matter what a child’s level of ability, is to help him or her reach full athletic potential and share in a positive, enjoyable experience through sports and physical activity.

What we aim for…

Progression & Improvement

Muscle fitness plays an extremely important part in athletic performance.

Competition is important, but only after your child has had the opportunity to develop basic movement skills and self-confidence. Self-improvement is the most meaningful aspect of competition.

We build the program to tailor the child’s needs and abilities. Then, we assess progress.


Their Potential

Guided instruction on equipment and proper form

We have just this one span of time to provide our kids with the skills they need to succeed. Teaching them proper lifting skills will prevent them from learning from their friends and risking injury. Your kids will gain the self-confidence to dream big, and you will know that you have done your best for their life-long health!

The Benefits

Not just strength & performance.

  • Bone researchers stress the importance of “banking bone” while young—building up as much bone as possible between ages 8 to 30.
  • Weight training—and weight-bearing exercise in general—are the best ways to build and bank bone. Incorporating free weights will give the best resistance.
  • Introducing flexibility exercises at an early age will help children maintain flexibility as they age. All sessions include flexibility.
  • Kinesthesis, an extremely important perceptual skill, involves the recognition of the body’s position in space. We work on drilling down movements for greater body awareness and accuracy.


How It Works

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Step 1: Sign Up

Sign up here online.

Once you are enrolled, you see the dates for registration.

Mark the dates on your calendar. During June, your child will meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00 am at CrossFit SeaDog in beautiful Juno Beach.

Step 2: Plan for the sessions

Our initial session will include an assessment to build their individual program.

They should come prepared with running or training shoes and a water bottle. Post-workout snacks will be provided during our last 30 minutes when we cover sports nutrition strategies.

Hands of people holding knives preparing a meal with colorful vegetables
Step 3: Get Weekly Reports

 At the end of the week, you will receive a summary of your athlete’s training and progression.

This will also include specific training and nutrition recommendations for their sport. This includes resources for you so you can provide them with what they need to succeed!

meet your coach

Hi! I’m Nicole

I am a Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer

Hi! I’m Nicole Roesch, International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Youth Trainer. I am also a Registered Dietitian who specializes in sports.

I have over 10 years of experience training at all levels — from basic health improvement exercises to training athletes heading to the NFL Scouting Combine.

My love of training comes from being a springboard diver at Buffalo State University. After college, I competed in motorcycle racing, triathlons, and CrossFit.

Now, I find passion in giving back to families who want to live a healthy lifestyle and be their best!

Why I coach:

“I love seeing my athletes progress in their sport but mostly I LOVE the confidence that they gain when they get stronger. There is no better feeling as a coach to know that I am helping them be their absolute best.

And….If I knew then as a college ahtlete what I know now about training and nutrition, I would have hired someone with the same credentials to get me there quicker and easier!!”

Give me the details!

4 weeks of development and pushing them to train hard.

Training is conducted in Juno Beach, FL at a local gym with free weights and a variety of equipment to work on strength and power output.

Sessions are scheduled in the morning, with some of the exercises outside at times. We train in the Florida heat to adapt to environmental stressors, i.e., the heat and humidity.

Acclimatized athletes have a lower core temperature during exercise, thus, better cooling capacity. This also allows us to discuss hydration and heat exhaustion symptoms.

Special bonuses!

Plus, get these bonuses to support your progress.

Bonus #1

When you enroll, you’ll get access to our Ultimate Guide to Nutrition for Optimal Fitness eBook that guides you through the different types of activity and nutrition guidelines for sport.

Bonus #2

Training protocols that your child can follow beyond the 4-week sessions.

They will have the resources they need to tackle the weight room confidently.

Bonus #3

Meal planner access for parents.

Plan meals for your athlete easily with our digital meal planner – free for the 4 weeks of training!


What will my child do in the gym?
What kind of nutrition advice will they get?
What is your training philosophy?
Can nutrition really make a difference?

Yes! All children and adolescents need healthy snacks and meals to support their growth and development.  A nutrient-rich diet is vital to our children’s mental and physical development.

Athletes are unique in that they need to support growth at this stage with the proper nutrients, and the added energy expended in their sport needs to be considered. Statistics show that as many as 60% of athletes under fuel.

Fueling optimally allows for better training, better adaptations to training, and a better ability to perform on race/game day.

Where does training take place?

The training is at CrossFit SeaDog in beautiful Juno Beach, FL! This new facility is a short walk from the Juno Pier.

The facility has all the equipment to support your child’s training, and more specifically, the ideal equipment. Most large gyms contain machines made for adults. We use free weights that better mimic a natural range of motion for kids. Making use of dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells and pull-up bars is a great way to teach the fundamental lifts for weight training.

Bonus! Make a beach day out of it after training.

Do you offer payment plans?

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started today!

Happy Clients!
More Energy, More Muscle

I Suffered From Nutrition Confusion That Lead to No Action.

“This process has been SO worth it. Nicole is incredibly smart, explains complex concepts in a clear manner that is easy to understand, is very responsive to inquiry, and helps you achieve results! I have more energy, lean muscle mass and feel less sluggish!"

- Robb A., CrossFit Athlete & Dad

From Macros to Meaning

Tired of tracking boring foods.

“This process has been SO worth it. I really feel great about my eating. I am less exhausted and I enjoy planning my meals. It’s been a life changer for me. I love how your lessons teach me what foods are right for me."

- Siiri H., Mighty Meal Planner

Healing a Relationship with Food

Preoccupation with food and body image

“I never felt present. My mind was preoccupied with food and exercise or with feeling bad about myself and my (imagined!) inadequacies. That is gone now! I enjoy my life and my family. I create different meals...healthy meals we all eat. I don't binge but I do enjoy treats. I enjoy my exercise. I enjoy my family and my life.”

- Tessa N., New Mom Struggling with Bodyweight

Short-Cuts that Fell Short

I didn't realize the way I was eating was actually working against me.

“Anyone who thinks they have an addictive personality to food needs to examine their relationship with food and their body first. You helped me understand the science behind my behaviors and gave me clarity."

- Debbie B., Traveling Nurse

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