Nutrition for Optimal Fitness

A 6-week sports nutrition program that empowers you with the skills, knowledge, support, and resources necessary for developing nutrition habits that build optimal performance.

Are you feeling…

Stuck and tired of trying to get your nutrition right? Maybe you have been thinking:

  • You generally eat healthily but need to “dial in” your nutrition with a good plan.
  • You could be a better athlete if you had all the right tools.
  • You want results, but the process (or the food!) bores you.
  • You want to lose weight but in a healthy and sustainable way.
  • That you need accountability to make it happen in 2023!

Would you like to…

  • Navigate your nutrition without all of the confusing messages.
  • Have evidenced-based nutrition guidance that works.
  • Know what works for you and for how you train.
  • Improve your workouts and overall energy levels.
  • Create a customized plan and nutrition strategy that’s easy to follow.
  • Put food on the table with ease after an exhausting day — and skip the drive-through!
  • Achieve your best performance and self yet!!


Nutrition for Optimal Fitness


Whether you want to lose weight, clean up your eating habits, or prepare for competition, this program is for you!
Join us as local Sports Dietitian Nicole Roesch walks you through a 6-week health challenge.

Who Is The Program For?

This program is virtual, for CROSSFIT SEADOG Members and new Palm Beach RD clients who want to:

  • Increase your performance in the gym
  • Lose weight and feel better about yourself
  • Create healthier meals to support your goals
  • Build better habits that last
  • Get the accountability you need from your community!


How It Works

black woman working on laptop in kitchen with plates of breakfast
Step 1: Sign Up

Make sure you sign up at CrossFit SeaDog or here online so that you are enrolled in the program and will receive your program materials and dates.

Step 2: Attend Our Kick-Off Event

Our program begins on January 7, 2023 and ends February 17th. Attend our kick-off presentation “Nutrition 101: Knowledge is Power”.

Hands of people holding knives preparing a meal with colorful vegetables
Step 3: Get Weekly Support

Learn how to create a healthy environment (your kitchen!), plan your meals with our interactive planner and build skills for life!

meet your coach

Hi! I’m Nicole

I am a Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer

Nicole Roesch is a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) and Master Level Health Coach. As a food coach and nutrition educator, she offers one-on-one personalized sports nutrition counseling to casual exercisers and competitive athletes at her private practice in the Palm Beach, FL, area and online in her virtual office.

She teaches her clients how to gain more energy, develop a winning relationship with food, and feel confident about their food choices.

She is a personal trainer, a former collegiate athlete and motorcycle racer who knows firsthand what it means to dial-in nutrition for performance while managing all the other aspects of a busy life!

What’s included

This 6-week program includes:

  • An interactive meal planner that you can adjust based on calories and meal preferences.
  • A Get-Started Guide that outlines the timeline of the program and your weekly plan.
  • Four (4) educational sessions to guide you to create healthier habits
  • Weekly inspriation from Coach Nicole and your CrossFit community
  • PRIZES! We reward effort. For each workout logged and meal adhered to, you can enter to win some incredible prizes!
Payment Options

Invest In Your Health

Gain access to the program today!


One-Time Payment:





Two Payments:

$165.00 upon registration 

$160.00 at Week 3 of the Program


special bonuses!

Plus, get these bonuses to support your progress.

Bonus #1

When you enroll, you’ll get instant access to our Ultimate Nutrition Guide, a 62-page guide that shows you how to take baby steps to score what I call 1% wins. Over time these will turn into healthy habits and eventually become your non-negotiables.

Bonus #2

Lifetime access to the content in the program. We understand and believe that lasting change takes more than 6 weeks. We want you to score major wins beyond our scheduled time together.

Bonus #3

Designed to help you each week, I designed a weekly manual of instructions each week full of inspiration, my favorite healthy living tips, recipes, etc.

Scheduled Sessions

Session 01: Kick-Off Event January 7, 2023
Session 02: January 10, 2023
Session 03: January 24, 2023
Session 04: February 8, 2023

Measuring progress: what tools we can use, and how we can determine progress by moving beyond the scale and body fat measures.

Session 05: February 15, 2023

Nearing the end of the program means keeping the mindset going. In this session we explore what it takes to keep the momentum.

Program Completion: Celebrate with Prizes!

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started today!

Happy Clients!
From Macros to Meaning

Tired of tracking boring foods.

“This process has been SO worth it. I really feel great about my eating. I am less exhausted and I enjoy planning my meals. It’s been a life changer for me. I love how your lessons teach me what foods are right for me."

- Siiri H., Mighty Meal Planner

Healing a Relationship with Food

Preoccupation with food and body image

“I never felt present. My mind was preoccupied with food and exercise or with feeling bad about myself and my (imagined!) inadequacies. That is gone now! I enjoy my life and my family. I create different meals...healthy meals we all eat. I don't binge but I do enjoy treats. I enjoy my exercise. I enjoy my family and my life.”

- Tessa N., New Mom Struggling with Bodyweight

Short-Cuts that Fell Short

I didn't realize the way I was eating was actually working against me.

“Anyone who thinks they have an addictive personality to food needs to examine their relationship with food and their body first. You helped me understand the science behind my behaviors and gave me clarity."

- Debbie B., Traveling Nurse

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