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Our goal is to give parents the confidence to help their children develop a healthy relationship with food and their bodies from a young age.

Personalized Nutrition

1:1 Coaching

Guides you to develop a deeper understanding of your behaviors and/or your child’s behaviors, thoughts and beliefs around food. 

This is for you if any of these apply:

  • You need to know what foods work for you and your family, especially those with specific nutritional & dietary needs. This includes athletes, allergies, eating disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, and picky eaters!
  • You have been diagnosed with a medical condition that can be improved and managed with medical nutrition therapy (MNT).
  • You need an expert to help you get organized and started, keep you motivated, and hold you accountable.

What’s included:

Full nutrition assessment and recommendations
  • Individual telehealth session (in-person available in the West Palm Beach area)
  • Complete nutrition assessment based on goals, medical history, labs, and other tests
  • Review of current eating habits with specific notes, feedback & guidance
  • Accountability with an online, interactive food nutritional database
  • Unlimited email support

Learn More:

How nutrition coaching works – watch this video.

Empower them with knowledge

Teen Athletes

Educating your athlete early in life helps them foster a healthy relationship with food. By providing individual guidance, we empower our teen athletes to fuel their bodies effectively, perform at their best, and maintain a positive mindset both on and off the field.

Why teen athletes need proper nutrition:

  • Injuries: Approximately 2 million high school athletes suffer from sports-related musculoskeletal injuries. Nutrient deficiencies can increase the risk of stress fractures, muscle strains, and ligament tears due to weakened muscles and compromised bone health.
  • Brain health: Nutrition affects cognitive function and concentration, which are essential for academic success and athletic achievements.
  • Concussion recovery: A nutrition protocol from a sports dietitian can emphasize foods high in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and other nutrients to support brain health and reduce inflammation.
  • Understanding supplements: Between 30-50% of adolescents and young adults consume energy drinks that can lead to impaired vascular function. This exemplifies the power of marketing vs. nutrition education from credible sources.
  • Disordered eating: Among a large sample of high school athletes, 35.4% were found to suffer from disordered eating and 18.8% reported menstrual irregularities. Disordered eating caught early can be corrected before a clinical eating disorder develops.
    Team Talks

    For athletic leagues, teams, schools and groups

    This one-hour session instructs athletes, coaches and/or parents on effective fueling strategies for their sport with evidenced-based nutrition education and practical meal ideas for busy schedules.

    I help coaches and teams:

    • Understand nutrients of importance in athletes and the nutritional demands to support growth and energy in sport.
    • Support the athlete with their goals and clear up confusion surrounding foods and supplements.
    • Determine the topics of importance to their team and what players may struggle with the most when it comes to fueling and hydration with busy schedules.
    Brand Collaboration

    Add value to your brand with our partnership by:

    • Capitalizing on the unique qualifications of a dietitian for nutrition science & business strategy.
    • Leveraging a clinician with a deep understanding of nutrient bioavailability and the nuances of individual dietary requirements with the latest nutrition research available.
    • Developing targeted marketing strategies tailored to specific demographics, such as women’s health & menopause, athletes, or individuals with specific health conditions.
    • Bringing opportunities for fostering relationships and expanding brand reach through additional distribution channels within the field of nutrition and wellness.

    other nutrition services

    Ways to Live Better

    black woman working on laptop in kitchen with plates of breakfast
    Digital Meal Planning Tool


    Enjoy tasty, dietitian-approved recipes costing less than $1 daily. Get weekly meal plans with 30+ recipes! Customize by adding/removing dishes and adjusting servings. Your planner generates a smart grocery list for easy shopping.

    Plant Powered Athletes

    Plant-Powered Plate

    A plant-based diet can boost athletic performance by offering ample carbohydrates and a rich array of antioxidants and phytochemicals. Athletes aiming for a more plant-centered diet can benefit from our 21-day challenge, providing gradual guidance to ensure a nutritionally balanced transition.

    Hands of people holding knives preparing a meal with colorful vegetables
    Membership Program

    Practical Resources for Moms

    Welcome to the Fit Mama Project, where we empower mothers to prioritize their health, setting a positive example for the whole family. Join us for webinars, cooking demos, and weekly meal inspiration! From caring for infants to supporting adult children, we’re here for every stage of your wellness journey.

    Happy Clients!
    More Energy, More Muscle

    I Suffered From Nutrition Confusion That Lead to No Action.

    “This process has been SO worth it. Nicole is incredibly smart, explains complex concepts in a clear manner that is easy to understand, is very responsive to inquiry, and helps you achieve results! I have more energy, lean muscle mass and feel less sluggish!"

    - Robb A., CrossFit Athlete & Dad

    From Macros to Meaning

    Tired of tracking boring foods.

    “This process has been SO worth it. I really feel great about my eating. I am less exhausted and I enjoy planning my meals. It’s been a life changer for me. I love how your lessons teach me what foods are right for me."

    - Siiri H., Mighty Meal Planner

    Healing a Relationship with Food

    Preoccupation with food and body image

    “I never felt present. My mind was preoccupied with food and exercise or with feeling bad about myself and my (imagined!) inadequacies. That is gone now! I enjoy my life and my family. I create different meals...healthy meals we all eat. I don't binge but I do enjoy treats. I enjoy my exercise. I enjoy my family and my life.”

    - Tessa N., New Mom Struggling with Bodyweight

    Short-Cuts that Fell Short

    I didn't realize the way I was eating was actually working against me.

    “Anyone who thinks they have an addictive personality to food needs to examine their relationship with food and their body first. You helped me understand the science behind my behaviors and gave me clarity."

    - Debbie B., Traveling Nurse

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I get my child to eat better?
    What role does nutrition play in body image?
    Do you accept insurance?
    What are counseling sessions like?

    Both telehealth and in-person sessions* are available. In-person sessions take place at your home, in your environment. Telehealth offers the opportunity to remain in the comfort of your home and typically helps in establishing a convenient time to meet.

    Individual sessions are 50 minutes long. We take the first few sessions to get to know you and your eating habits. This includes a thorough assessment of your eating history, discussing any food and body struggles and any lifestyle factors that might be in the way of you moving forward!

    Follow-up sessions typically occur every week. In each session, we’ll delve more into understanding your unique relationship to food, explore what is and isn’t working, and refine your goals. We will continually guide you on how to find a peaceful relationship with food and your body.

    *In-person sessions are subject to a limited geographical radius. Please inquire first.

    How many sessions will I need?
    Do you help track macros?

    Do you have another question? Contact us.


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