Nutrition for Teen Athletes

Parents: Do you feel you have lost all control of their eating habits?

How about yours?

A healthy food relationship begins at home

Teenagers model eating behaviors. As concerned parents, we strive to keep our children healthy. In today’s culture, so many foods have been labeled as “good” or “bad,” and parents are often just as confused as kids when it comes to what is “healthy.”

Parents don’t often view themselves as role models. Yet, a survey of 550 families by the European Food Information Council found that parental consumption of fruits and veggies was still the largest indicator of how often teens ate those same foods.

Another example of modeling behavior? If an exhausted mom or dad sits in front of the television with a full bag of chips, it’s likely the child will, too. If mom or dad don’t lead an active lifestyle, the child will likely not either.

The same can be said for dieting influences. When parents cut out entire food groups, go on restrictive diets, comment about losing weight frequently, and have a poor body image, kids pick up on that, too.

    The messages children receive

    We know that as a parent, you don’t have all the answers, and like many, you may struggle with healthy habits yourself.

    Exploring your own eating and exercise habits is valuable in teaching your child to lead a healthy lifestyle.

    Ask yourself these questions:

    • How do you value movement and exercise?
    • What food rules do you have that you may be inadvertently communicating?
    • Are you constantly on diets or following the next fad?
    • Do you make negative comments about your body in front of them?
    • As the grocery shopper, what environment are you creating for everyone in the household?
    • Do you have your own health goals but allow your kids a different set of “rules?”
    • Do you eat mindfully or constantly on the go?

    Work as a family to form healthy habits. Let me show you how.

    The power of the parent.

    Because parents are on the front lines of shaping children’s eating behaviors, understanding your eating habits is especially advantageous to developing your child’s behavior.

    In an environment where cheap, processed food is readily available, making extra time for healthy family meals can be time-consuming.

    The confusion surrounding a healthy diet makes it even more challenging for parents.

    At Palm Beach RD, we take a parent-first approach as you are the key influence of your child’s diet quality. That begins with your meal patterns. Then, we ensure you have the tools to provide your child with essential nutrients like protein, fiber, iron, and calcium that your child needs to grow and be healthy.

    Your dietitian will create a plan with you to boost the nutrition of the foods you are eating and introduce new ones.

    Check out our family meal planning tool!


      Create a Healthy Family Environment

      Virtual nutrition counselor with laptop

      Nutrition Counseling

      One-on-one nutrition counseling assesses your eating habits and behaviors.

      We walk you through a thorough assessment and implement a plan to educate & support you and your family with healthy eating patterns.

      Individual nutrition therapy and counseling is especially important for existing medical conditions and in disease prevention.

        Culinary Skills for Health

        Entire generations have missed out on subjects at school such as home economics, where cooking skills were taught!

        Grow your confidence in the kitchen to create delicious and healthy meals with your family.

        Created by nutrition experts, you will get evidence-based nutrition knowledge together with the culinary skills you need to make meals nutritious and delicious!

          Family & Individual Meal Planning

          We are constantly modeling eating behaviors for our children. With so much nutrition misinformation, it can be overwhelming!

          As parents, we have our own goals for healthy eating that may include weight loss. Instead of dieting, consider planning meals first.

          Weekly food planning makes for consistent and structured meals and snacks for everyone in the family.

          Happy Clients!
          More Energy, More Muscle

          I Suffered From Nutrition Confusion That Lead to No Action.

          “This process has been SO worth it. Nicole is incredibly smart, explains complex concepts in a clear manner that is easy to understand, is very responsive to inquiry, and helps you achieve results! I have more energy, lean muscle mass and feel less sluggish!"

          - Robb A., CrossFit Athlete & Dad

          From Macros to Meaning

          Tired of tracking boring foods.

          “This process has been SO worth it. I really feel great about my eating. I am less exhausted and I enjoy planning my meals. It’s been a life changer for me. I love how your lessons teach me what foods are right for me."

          - Siiri H., Mighty Meal Planner

          Healing a Relationship with Food

          Preoccupation with food and body image

          “I never felt present. My mind was preoccupied with food and exercise or with feeling bad about myself and my (imagined!) inadequacies. That is gone now! I enjoy my life and my family. I create different meals...healthy meals we all eat. I don't binge but I do enjoy treats. I enjoy my exercise. I enjoy my family and my life.”

          - Tessa N., New Mom Struggling with Bodyweight

          Short-Cuts that Fell Short

          I didn't realize the way I was eating was actually working against me.

          “Anyone who thinks they have an addictive personality to food needs to examine their relationship with food and their body first. You helped me understand the science behind my behaviors and gave me clarity."

          - Debbie B., Traveling Nurse

          hi there!

          I’m Nicole

          I am a Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer

          I’m also a wife and a mom who knows how hard it is to feel like you are doing right by your kids when it comes to nutrition. There is so much pressure and guilt for parents to feel they are getting it “right.”

          I also suffer from a gastrointestinal disorder and I’ve had my fair share of bloating, shame, and pain. In an effort to try and manage my gut health, I tried too many dieting strategies that simply didn’t work.

          I’m a former collegiate athlete and motorcycle racer who knows firsthand what it feels like when food, excessive exercise, and your body work against you. Now, I bring the clarity I have found to others experiencing health challenges.


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          How It Works

          Discover my transformation roadmap for improving your relationship with food.


          Complete Assessment

          Your nutrition journey begins with identifying any nutrition-related problems and their causes.

          We examine your food and nutrient intake, your knowledge and beliefs about foods, lab data, and your personal health history. It’s like putting all of the pieces of your eating puzzle together, including consulting with other members of your healthcare team.


          Nutrition for Overall Health

          You will receive a plan for your journey. We walk through your eating plan step-by-step and guide you to a healthier relationship with food.

          We take a behavioral approach to nutrition & health, using intuitive eating principles as our guide. Together we set realistic expectations, practical diet and exercise parameters, and set up an accountability system.


          Maintain your success

          Long-term success comes from your newfound confidence, energy, and belief in yourself, which can lead to feeling confident in your health, better moods, and thriving in life.

          This is how we measure success!

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